Shares 0Happy Monday!!!!! Honestly, this is my favorite Monday of all year! I’ve waited SO LONG to finally share this with you guys! I want to fangirl with all of you, I want to know what you guys think of what I’ve been working on! If you haven’t possibly guess […]

The Official Reveal of #destiny17!

Shares 0Happy Monday Reader Fam! Today I’m going to try something new: A monthly schedule for my blog posts!  This will also make things easier for me, as I plan my content ahead of time, and for you, as you can know what to expect every week!. Here is the […]

My August 2017 Goals!

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Shares 0Happy Monday! Last Saturday, I (finally!) gave you an Official Reveal date for #destiny17! This will include the final title, cover and back cover blurb for the book, as well as an official book trailer. Although I will be sharing everything on my blog that day, much of the […]

5 Budding Authors I Highly Recommend

Shares 0Happy Saturday! I know what you’re thinking–Gabriella posting on a Saturday?? If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I typically leave blog posts here for you guys on a Monday.  Well, starting today, I am going to be experimenting with posting on Mondays and Saturdays, for one month. […]

How to Write a Love Triangle the Right Way (And ...

Shares 0Happy Monday, and Happy (belated) Forth of July! Despite the fact I had time off of school, and went camping for an entire week, I only read ONE book.  That is this month’s FMB: Writing the Fiction Series by Karen Wiesner. I’ve read this book like a million times, […]

Featured Book Of The Month: Writing The Fiction Series

Shares 0We’re getting So darn close to the reveal, and I am SO PUMPED.  Popularity and excitement for this book has grown so much since I first started this project, and I am so thankful for every one of you followers who have been keeping up with #destiny17! And today, […]

#destiny17 Clue 3!!

Shares 0Happy Monday! It is the middle of June, and I am absolutely LOVIN’ the warmth, how about you? Today I am going to list you 5 tips for setting goals, and 2 reasons why you should set goals. At the end, I’ll share my goals for this summer, so […]

How (and Why) Should I Set Goals?

Shares 0It’s here guysss! I asked you recently what you wanted to know about my book, #destiny17, and you guys shot me some really awesome questions, that I’m so pumped to answer for you guys!  And at the end, I may or may not have a snippet of the cover […]

#destiny17 Q&A!

Shares 0Happy Monday! My #destiny17 post is currently being put off, because we are currently celebrating the release of The Girl Who Could See! The Girl Who Could See released June 1st, and I am so happy that I got to be a part of her launch team.  We are […]

Featured Book of The Month: An Interview with Kara Swanson

Shares 0As you can see, this is not a normal Monday post.  I was sick yesterday and did not have the brains to write anything.  So, now that I am doing better, I’m hitting you guys with a later post.  We are going to talk about why writers should take […]

Why Writers Should Take Breaks