Shares 0Happy Wednesday! I must start by giving a large apology for skipping out on blogging these last few weeks. Things have been hectic with NaNo, as well as my personal life. And to top it all off, I’m recovering from getting sick this weekend. So, I hope you’ll understand […]

My Experience Writing a Sequel

Shares 0Happy Monday! It’s that time again–I’m going to be reviewing my October 2017 Goals and sharing with you my November ones. October flew by, and wasn’t the most productive when it comes to writing, but as usual, I’ll let you guys see my progress. October Goals Write 10K in […]

November 2017 Goals

Shares 0Happy Monday! For today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you 5 self published books I read and I think you should too. Many of these are a part of a series, so they will marked as so. Lately I’ve been reading so many books by self published authors, and […]

5 Great Self Published Books You Should Read

Shares 0Happy Monday! I apologize for not having a post ready for you in the last couple of weeks. September quickly got very busy with school starting and such. Today, we are going to review my September Goals and set my October ones. Let’s see if I did any better […]

October 2017 Goals

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Shares 0Happy Monday! I can’t believe I have the honor to even get to post this! If you’re on AuthorTube or BookTube, you probably will have heard of Kristen Martin and her Bestselling Alpha Drive Trilogy. If not, you will get to learn a little bit about her today, because […]

Featured Book Of The Month: An Interview With Kristen Martin!

Shares 0Happy Monday, and Happy Labor day! By the time you read this, I’ll be on vacation with my family, but today we will be reviewing my August goals and setting my September Goals! (FYI, I didn’t do that good) August Goal Results Write 30K in my WIP: Yeah…I have done […]

September 2017 Goals

Shares 0Happy Monday! I was nomintated for the Liebster award by Annie Louise Twitchell, author of Spinner Of Secrets over the weekend, so THANK YOU ANNIE! The Liebster Award is spread from blogger to blogger to give smaller blogs some extra love! Here are the rules for the nomination: Thank […]

Liebster Awards 2017

Shares 0Happy Monday!!!!! Honestly, this is my favorite Monday of all year! I’ve waited SO LONG to finally share this with you guys! I want to fangirl with all of you, I want to know what you guys think of what I’ve been working on! If you haven’t possibly guess […]

The Official Reveal of #destiny17!

Shares 0Happy Monday Reader Fam! Today I’m going to try something new: A monthly schedule for my blog posts!  This will also make things easier for me, as I plan my content ahead of time, and for you, as you can know what to expect every week!. Here is the […]

My August 2017 Goals!

Shares 0Happy Monday! Last Saturday, I (finally!) gave you an Official Reveal date for #destiny17! This will include the final title, cover and back cover blurb for the book, as well as an official book trailer. Although I will be sharing everything on my blog that day, much of the […]

5 Budding Authors I Highly Recommend