Planted With Hope: A Book Review

Today we’re going to do something new: A Book Review!!!

Planted with Hope is the newest addition to the Pinecraft Pie Shop Series by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore.  We return to the lovable town of Pinecraft and all of the Miller daughters, which we met in the first book and see the adventures this time, of Hope Miller.  Hope loves peace and quiet and gardening.  But Florida doesn’t exactly have the best soil…With a strong desire to return home to Ohio; Hope longs to have a garden again to be alone.  Then she meets widowed Jonas Sutter, who is the Amish schoolteacher and his eight year old daughter Emma.  Jonas persuades Lovina, owner of Me, Myself and Pie to start a garden behind the shop.  As soon as Hope hears about this, she jumps to the opportunity to get the peace and quiet she craves.  But Jonas wants to turn the garden into a school project for his students.  Will Hope be able to open up her garden—and her heart to the kind schoolteacher and his daughter?

I really enjoyed reading Planted With Hope, and spent much of my free time with my nose dug into it.  It’s a great read for teens and women who love gardening and love stories (and Pie!)  Pinecraft would be such a fun place to visit and I would defiantly jump at the chance to go if I could. It was amazing to read the journal from Elizabeth Bieler written by Pauline Spencer and her story of her Victory Garden.  I loved as she talked about meeting new people through her garden and how she fell in love with Henry.  Hope inspired me.  If I could, I would start my own garden; meet new people and plant hope.  One of the cool things about this series is the fact that there is a recipe at the end of the chapters based on the recipes used in the actual story, and I definitely need to try some of them (Especially the Peanut Better Cookies!)    We see this story from the eyes of Hope, Jonas and occasionally Emma, but Lovina and Noah, the stars of the first book, Made With Love, still play a pretty big role in this book.

Overall I enjoyed this book.  I wish I could give it six stars! Very few books do I try to read as slow as possible so I do not finish it quickly, and this positively was one of them! I am looking forward to seeing the next book in The Pinecraft Pie Shop by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore!


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