#Destiny17 Clue One!!!!!

Since I didn’t recive much feedback on whether or not I should talk about #Destiny17 or Writing on Mondays, I decided to go with #Destiny17.  For those of you who don’t know, #Destiny17 is my top secret passion project. September of this year will make it 2 years since I came up with the original idea.  But to be more fun (and exciting!) about it, I’m going to reveal it slowly, one clue at a time.

And yes, feel free to ask me about the book.  I will answer your questions either in my newsletter, or in a future blog post. But for now, I am going to share a clue!!!

Drumroll please………


The Protagonist is a BOY.

Yes.  A male Protagonist.  I have attempted one Boy Protagonist in the past: Amentia in The Twilight Terror. If you haven’t yet read my Kindle fantasy Novella, you can find it Here.  Anyways, I do have some mini clues as to reveal my super secret hero, and I’ll list them here:

  • My Protagonist is an Orphan
  • My Protagonist Has Denim Blue Eyes
  • My Protagonist Loves his horse.

That’s it!  I don’t plan on sharing anything else for today. And in case you are wondering, yes these blog posts will be short.  Very short.  I don’t need a super long commentary for these clues.

What Are your Thoughts on This Protagonist?  What Else do You want to Know about #Destiny17?  Comment Your Thoughts Down Below.

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Gabriella Slade grew up as the eldest of seven, two of her sisters being adopted from West Africa. As a homeschooled student, Gabriella spent her free time reading novels and scribbling down stories from a young age, where she discovered her love for fantasy. As a teen, she wrote and edited her debut novel over a period of 3 years. Gabriella has been blogging since 2015. Her blog won the Libester award in 2017. You can connect with her online at gabriellaslade.com