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Today I’m Talking about How I Outline my Novels! And today, if you stay to the end, I’m hosting an awesome giveaway!

How I Outline My Novels

  • Brainstorm
  • Summarize
  • Meet your Characters
  • Discover Plots
  • Break Down

Let’s Break Those Down


This May very well be my favorite step in this whole Process.  I Love brainstorming.  It’s where I come up with my very best ideas.   Not all of these ideas are ever used, but it’s a really great way to get all of those ideas from my head onto paper.  If you haven’t yet tried this, you really should. After brainstorming all of my ideas for my current WIP, I use five different colored highlighters to sort them:

Blue: A Complete Idea that doesn’t Need Further Brainstormning

Green:  An incomplete idea that needs further brainstorming

Yellow: Good Idea that can be influenced through further brainstorming

Orange: Good Ideas that  Don’t influence the plot

Pink: Ideas that can be used in a different project.

Then I simply continue to brainstorm, even throughout the rest of the outlining process.


It’s hard to write a story when you have no idea what it’s even about.  So it’s time, based on your ideas written during your brainstorming process, summarize what your story is going to be about in one to two sentences.  Example: Knight must go on epic mission throughout all of the land to rescue his beloved princess.  Once that’s done, you will now understand what you are writing about. 

Meet Your Characters

These can be major or minor.  Discovering your characters is almost the most important part of this process.  I will go further into this subject in a future blog post.  But until then, I highly suggest finding pictures of what they look like.

Discover Plots

Almost Every novel has more than one plot.  We know the smaller plots as subplots.  Smaller plots that help contribute to the bigger, main plot.  I split the plots into up to 5 different categories (plots) and I name them.  You can choose less plots, but  I want a longer book, so I have lots of small plots, from romances, to school studies.  Give them short, memorable names such as School, auditions, or Assassination.

Break Down

Now it’s time for the Best Part: Outlining the Novel.  My Outline of a chapter might look something like this:

Knight Story

Chapter One:  The Chase

Princess: Ari get’s kidnapped from the castle and Logan tries to rescue her, but she is shipped off in a boat

Homeless:  Logan searches the shipyard and meets Tom the Homeless man

Treasure Hunt:  Logan finds the first half of the map in a garbage can

Magic:  N/A

Do this for all of your chapters, continuing to brainstorm throughout the rest of the outlining.

I hope this helps you outline your book.  Now I understand that not everyone is an outliner, and I respect that. But I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned throughout my whole writing career.  And now, the moment you have all been waiting for…The Giveaway!!!!

I am going to be giving away ONE PDF copy of BOTH my books.  There will be ONE winner and it will be announced on February 20.  The book will be sent out the following week.  All you have to do is comment below what you want to see in my blog in the future.

UPDATE: Conrgats to the winner VICTORIA GRACE HOWELL!

 Thank You so Much! If you have any questions, share them in the Comments.

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  • AnnieLouiseTwitchell

    I would love printables! I need clean printable resources (because I’m insane enough to try and teach writing to my younger brothers) Outlining printables, character development work sheets?

  • Victoria Grace Howell

    This is a neat method of outlining! I do mine a bit differently. Have you heard of the Three Act Structure? Thanks for sharing!

  • Avery Evans

    This is soooo helpful! thank you! I usually do mine a little different. But like to do it this way to!

    • Gabriella

      Of Course Avery! 😉