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Today we are going to dive into looking at my favorite websites.  This does not include personal blogs or diaries, but websites created specifically for writers who like learning good techniques and such.  If you have heard of any of these, or have any other personal recommendations, feel free to list them down below.  Also, if at any time you have blog post ideas, also share those in the comments as well, as I strive to produce content that my readers want. If you like this post, don’t forget to subscribe. Now let’s get started!

  1. The Better Novel Project This resource is great for those who are interested in outlining, but don’t have any idea for what scenes you want in your book, this site breaks down three popular YA books and compares what the books have in common.  You should really check this out, even if you are a pantser.
  2. Ink and Quills At Ink and Quills You can learn anything from how do you write dialogue to the do’s and don’t of Character Bios.  Subscribing to her blog gives you access to her Secret Archives, full of worksheets and other fun resources.  I love getting emails from this blog because she always teaches me something I don’t know, and I absolutely love it.
  3. Now Novel Now granted, this does include a cool writing tool you have to pay to use, but I’m really only here for the blog posts. Now Novel teaches awesome writing tequniques and they come up with some of the most creative Ideas for posts that I have ever seen.  Make sure you stop by, as they are so cool!
  4. Go Teen Writers This happens to be one of my favorite Websites ever. They are so amazing and I have been subscribed to their blog over a year now, and I am still amazed at the great quality blog posts Stephanie, Jill and Shannon crank out, as well as all of the amazing guest posters.  Evern if you are not a teen, you need to go subscribe to this site!
  5. Well Storied Formerly known as She’s Novel, well storied is a cool site much like Ink and Quills, dedicated to writing quality blog posts, as well as email Newsletters.  I love reading Kristen’s blog posts, and her voice is so passionate for her topic, it is so inspiring.  She also just came out with a new free ebook called Write With Purpose.  So make sure to go snatch that up. 🙂

And that is all.

Thank you all of you amazing bloggers for being such an inspiration to me as a writer.  I will continue to read you posts for years to come! xoxo

Which of these blogs have you heard of?  Do you have any other blogs that you recommend?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!  

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