#destiny17 Updates

Hey Fam!

Today, since I have been so immersed in my edits for #destiny17, I figured that i would shorten the normal post, and do a #destiny17 updates post.

First of all

  • I finished #destiny17 at 45,758 words, which I consider to be very underwritten, since I originally set a goal for 75,000 words.
  • My story took a turn for the  better with a GENRE CHANGE! The originally YA epic steampunk fantasy is now a YA dark urban fantasy! This also included name changes in characters and places as well as title names.
  • I changed many plot points in this book, which I am currently incorporating into my novel.

So I am planning on revealing the novel officially in fall (September) of 2017, but I might do it earlier, depending on when I complete many of the major edits.  I had some exciting news for the book, as I was able to  get a cover designer to do my cover! (Yay!) and I am also being interviewed by a couple sites soon, which is super exciting!  I’m probably going to put up a teaser trailer soon, whenever I get the time to make one, and probably some pinnable images to help build buzz (have you followed me on Pinterest yet? 🙂 )

I am so excited because I’m getting ready to start planning the official reveal, and I am also trying to finish up this round of major edits in about a month or two. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, so if you want to be the first to hear special updates about #destiny17, make sure to subscribe to my blog!

In HIS Joy,

Gabriella Slade

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Gabriella Slade grew up as the eldest of seven, two of her sisters being adopted from West Africa. As a homeschooled student, Gabriella spent her free time reading novels and scribbling down stories from a young age, where she discovered her love for fantasy. As a teen, she wrote and edited her debut novel over a period of 3 years. Gabriella has been blogging since 2015. Her blog won the Libester award in 2017. You can connect with her online at gabriellaslade.com