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Hey Fellow Readers! Happy Monday!  Today is our very first Featured Book of The Month Post! (Throws confetti) For my first FBM, I will be reviewing Spinner of Secrets by Annie Louise Twitchell.  This is a YA fantasy novella, based off the classic fairy tale, Rumpleskilton, releasing on May 14, and you can pre-order your book here: Pre Order Book

Spinner of Secrets follows the story of a village girl named Letta, who lost her father at a very young age, and was raised by her loving mother and cruel stepfather, who only wants her out of his life.  So when Kyle, prince of the kingdom begins searching for a wife, Letta’s stepfather tells the Prince that Letta can spin straw into linen thread, when of course, she can’t.  The prince decides to marry Letta, telling her that she is lying, she will be put to death.  Letta, of course, fears for her own life, knowing that as soon as the prince discovers the truth, her life will be over.  The story follows Letta’s life in the castle, as she tries to win Prince Kyle’s affections, that her life might be spared.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.  I simply adored this fairy tale retelling, and finished it in a single afternoon.  I fell in love with all the characters. Ms. Louis Twitchell did an amazing job diving into the backstoriesand  exploring the whys of the story: Why does the prince want a wife who can spin straw into linen thread? Why does Letta’s father lie to the prince? and why does Letta not speak up for herself?  Although some people claim that Letta is a bit whiny at times, I believe that no main character is going to be perfect, and she has to have her flaws.

Prince Kyle was a fun character, and at times I loved him and other times I wanted to punch him in the face. His personality is so interesting, and at times I even pitied him and his situations.  The queen was sweet, and I loved the care she gave to Letta, as well as her maid.


  • Dive into character backstories
  • Clean and christian friendly
  • Not too long
  • Entrancing and delightful story

So again, this book is available for Pre-Order on Amazon.com, and if you haven’t, I highly suggest you go Pre-Order it.  Right. Now.  Annie Louise Twitchell is a master at stories that draw you in, which aren’t too long, but very enjoyable.  You should do it.  You should.  

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In HIS Joy,

Gabriella Slade

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  • Rebekah

    Awesome review! I look forward to finishing my own ARC and seeing what happens!

    • Gabriella

      Thanks So Much Rebekah!