Why Writers Should Take Breaks

As you can see, this is not a normal Monday post.  I was sick yesterday and did not have the brains to write anything.  So, now that I am doing better, I’m hitting you guys with a later post.  We are going to talk about why writers should take breaks. This is an adapted post from a sermon from my church’s lead pastor.

Let’s start off by asking ourselves this question–Why do we rest?  Because we get tired. 

This is basically what I am talking about.  But not in just the physical aspect.  Yes, we as writers get tired of physically pushing our fingers on that keyboard and staring at the screen with dreary eyes.  But what about our heads?  Do you ever get to that point where you are tired of your story?  If you don’t, are you even human?  Even if this story is our passion, there is always this one day where we just can’t even look at our manuscript.

So what do we do? Do we drop the story in the waste basket and go start something new?  No, we simply need to take that break.  Not looking at our manuscript for a day or two can do a lot.  If you look at the manuscript with fresh, rested eyes, you will be able to see clearly how you really feel about it.  Maybe your passion will be reignited with that story, and a fire will start within you, begging for you to finish that story.  Or you end up really not wanting to work on the story.  In that case, set it aside and start something new.  Don’t completely throw it away; you might regret it later on.

This is a shorter post, since I am still easing back into this after being sick, I’m going to wrap this short conversation with you guys with a summary of what we just learned:

  •  Why do we rest? Because we’re tired
  • What do we do when we are tired: we rest
  • Should we throw away a project because we are ‘tired’ of it? No.  Rest from that project and come back to it after you have rested

Thanks for reading! Make sure to join me next Monday for a new post.  It may just happen to be on my debut novel, #destiny17 😉

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