#destiny17 Q&A!

It’s here guysss!

I asked you recently what you wanted to know about my book, #destiny17, and you guys shot me some really awesome questions, that I’m so pumped to answer for you guys!  And at the end, I may or may not have a snippet of the cover to share with you guys!!!

Q 1:  Can you tell us a little bit about the personality of your main character?

A 1: Great question! My MC is an independent and opinionated teenager.  If he has an opinion on something, he’s going to stick to that opinion, no matter what other people tell him.  It takes a lot to persuade him on something. He also has a knack for breaking the rules.

Q 2: What time period/genre is this book set in?

I’ve mentioned this before, but #destiny17 is a YA urban fantasy set in a world named Arjedia, which is has a steampunk-urban-industrial feel to it if that makes any sense.  A lot of the technology is up to like 19th centurary period.

Q 3: What’s his relationship with his (the MC’s) family?

A 3:  I don’t want to give away too much, but I will reveal that my MC is adopted!

Q 4: Who does the MC look up to, as a kind of mentor figure?

A 4: His adopted father, although this changes a bit during the course of the story

Q 5: Is there magic involved in this book?

A 5: Magic plays a major role in the story, although I don’t want to say how.  Let’s just say however, this magic is quite different from what you might expect.

Q 6: What does the MC’s love life look like?

A 6:  Not much (at the moment) Like any other teen, he’s learning about how he feels about girls, and how to control it. There may be some love interest(s) introduced in the book however.

Q 7: You mentioned that the MC is living in a culture other than his own.  Can you expand on this?

A 7: Sure! My MC is forced to completely change his home and culture, and even his identify, and how he’s looked at, for a reason he doesn’t exactly agree with.  This is something that will be explored furthermore  in the story.

Q 8: Is this a part of a series?

A 7: YES! I will not say how many books yet, until the book reveal, and I also will not reveal the series name until the reveal, but yes, this is a part of a series, which will follow the same MC throughout it’s continuity.

That’s all the questions! Feel free to leave more in the comments below, and I’ll will for sure use them in a future Q&A!  Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below on #destiny17 so far, and if you plan on reading it when it’s released?? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

And now…The moment you all have been waiting for! A TINY snippet of the cover for #destiny17! Also, I forgot to mention, the TITLE REVEAL will be coming VERY VERY SOON, so stay tuned, and make sure to subscribe to stay updated!

So, drumroll please










I know it’s tiny, but can’t we agree that it looks epic!!!!!

I’m so pumbed to reveal the real cover, and the book, which I have completely poured over these past few years, and I hope you like it as much as I do!

That’s all for today! See you all next Monday.  Don’t forget to subscribe and like my Facebook page if you haven’t already!

In HIS Joy,

Gabriella Slade

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