How (and Why) Should I Set Goals? 1 comment

Happy Monday!

It is the middle of June, and I am absolutely LOVIN’ the warmth, how about you?

Today I am going to list you 5 tips for setting goals, and 2 reasons why you should set goals. At the end, I’ll share my goals for this summer, so you guys can keep me accountable, OK?  And in the comments below, don’t forget to share what YOUR summer goals are.


  • Tell yourself what you want, and why. This is kind of obvious.  So what do you want? To write a novel? To read 5 books a month? To make the competitive dance team: (A goal I set for myself and ended up achieving 🙂 )
  • Write Your Goal down in a place where you won’t forget. I typically write my goals on my phone, and this is where I know to look for them.  Writing your goals down also makes them more memorable
  • Set a deadline. When do you want to complete this goal? The end of the month? The end of the year? This is typically what gets you started in order to achieve the goals which you set for yourself.
  • Tell Someone who can keep you accountable. This could be your grandmother, a friend, or the reminders feature on your smartphone.  Just someone who can ask you how you’re doing, and can push you to complete the goals you set for yourself.
  • Complete that goal! Write that book! Get on the dance team! You can do it! It will take hard work and consistency, but I know that you can do it!
  • Repeat!  Time to set a new goal!


  1. They give you a challenge. Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Don’t make these goals easy for yourself–make it hard! NaNoWriMo is a great example of this.  They challenge us to write 50K  in just 30 days! I had never before written 50K before, so I thought, why not now? (And yes, I did get there! However, that novel will never see the light of the public, so please don’t ask!
  2. They keep you accountable. If you want to do something–make it a goal! I can garunttee, that unless you make it a goal, it will be nothing more than a floating dream.  Don’t just say that you want to write a novel one day.  Make a goal to write that novel, and tell some friends! Now go achieve it!


I have writing goals and dance goals, since the comp season for me recently ended, which means it’s time for a break before summer classes and auditions.  I’m actually going to share both, so you get a tiny glimpse into my life outside my books.

Dance Goals

  • Work on my flexibility in my legs and back
  • Strengthen my thighs for extensions
  • Improve my leaps in second
  • Get my triple pirouettes mastered

Writing Goals

  • Write 50K in my WIP (*Cough* Sequel to #destiny17 *Cough*)
  • Get through some of the major structure edits in #destiny17
  • Get my Facebook page to 100 likes
  • Guest post on three blogs

I want to achieve all of this by the first day of fall.  Yes it’s a challenge, but I am so excited for the challenge! Let’s do this together!

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What are your goals for this summer? Share them in the Comments below!

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