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Happy Monday, and Happy (belated) Forth of July!

Despite the fact I had time off of school, and went camping for an entire week, I only read ONE book.  That is this month’s FMB: Writing the Fiction Series by Karen Wiesner.

I’ve read this book like a million times, and highlighted almost every other sentence in my well loved paperback copy, but I can almost always learn something new from it, so I am excited to share my thought and opinions on it!

About Writing The Fiction Series

The definitive guide to crafting a series!

From the Hunger Games Trilogy to the Jack Reacher series, from Harry Potter to Harry Dresden, there’s no denying that writers–and readers–have caught series fever. But if you’re contemplating writing a series, there are plenty of considerations you’ll need to make first. Writing the Fiction Series is the complete guide to ensuring your series stays hot after the first, fourth, or even fifteenth book.

Inside, you’ll learn how to:

  • Write a series that captures the hearts of readers and stands out in a sea of competition.
  • Find the focus of your series, develop your idea, and plan ahead.
  • Hone in on the two most important aspects of series writing: characters and consistency.
  • Utilize a variety of series organization techniques, complete with downloadable worksheets and checklists.
  • Market your series effectively and increase your sales.

With insights from nearly 100 series authors and publishers, as well as “Grow Your Series Muscles” exercises, Writing the Fiction Series is the only book you’ll need to write a series that sizzles.

So, where to start?

I orginally got this book at the library, and eventually bought it because of how relucant I was to give it up. I’m so glad I did! I finally have the freedom to highlight, take notes, and give this well loved book a place on my bookshelf.

Inside of this well written book, we learn about the different types of series arcs, and catagories, and how to discover which ones our series fit’s into. Wiesner uses real life examples from popular books such as Harry Potter and Twilight, as well as her own books (which, at the time of her writing this book, was up to 98 books.)

Other things learned through this book was:

  • How to stay consistent throughout the writing of this book.
  • How to stand out in a crowd full of series
  • How to market and organize a series

What did I like about this book?

I loved how there were examples used from popular fiction, which many readers can see and understand, especially if you’ve read the series over and over again.

The tips Wiesner give in this book are so invaluable, and I will certanly be using them in the near future. (hint, hint!)

What did I not like about this book?

The author used her books way too much as example, and it seemed that she was just trying to advertise inside her book at some points.  The other thing is, I looked up this author, who speaks of having an update websites and beautiful covers for your series. Her website was very outdated, and her covers were just downright awful. (I am in no way trying to spread hate to this author! I am just being honest about what I saw, compared to what she said in her book)

Other than that, this book was great! I give it five out of five stars, and I hope that you potential series writers will have the chance to one day pick up this book and read it for yourselves!

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In HIS Joy,

Gabriella Slade

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