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Happy Saturday!

I know what you’re thinking–Gabriella posting on a Saturday?? If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I typically leave blog posts here for you guys on a Monday.  Well, starting today, I am going to be experimenting with posting on Mondays and Saturdays, for one month. If this works for me, I will start posting twice a week.  If not, I’ll just go back to my typical once a week updates.


I am striving to produce more content for you guys, and I think adding a second post each week is a great way to start this! I am also working on some fun bonus’ for subscribers…so be sure to subscribe to get those later on…

Now to todays post. You may already be thrown off by the title, if you despise love triangles. How do you write a love triangle the right way, when there is no right way in the first place? you say.

Great Question! I believe, that the cliche Love Triangle, is only a cliche, because everyone likes to do it in the same way each time: Girl falls for two boys at the same time. One is the simple and sweet best friend, or person she has had a past with before. (i.e. Jack Dawson, Peeta Mellark) The other is the dark and broody bad boy who hates the best friend and selfishly wants the girl for himself (Cal Hockley, Gale Hawthorn).

This can get tiring, especially if we all know how the story ends.  But what if the strategies for a Love triangle were played around with, tampered and tweeked your unique genre and story? (Also, let me clarify that in no way am I saying that every story has to have a love triangle. It often depends on genre, and is usually in YA.)

With that in mind, let me give you four tips/tricks for creating a new and unique love triangle for that story of yours!

  1. Switch gender stereotypes: This can be done in several different ways: Make it a boy falling for two girls, or twin sisters both crushing on the same guy.  And who said it had to be a triangle? Why not make it a complicated love octagon?? (This probably would work best when writing series, so your characters’ love lives don’t take up the majority of the story!
  2. Set roles for each character participating in the triangle, and relistic reasons for falling for one another.  Please, no more boys who just want the girl without a good reason! Maybe he grew up with her, or she saved his life when he was a kid. Give them backstories, and don’t just throw a character in for no good reason except to participate in a love triangle.
  3. Set Stakes: What happens if the boy can’t win her heart? Will he be forced into an arranged marriage? Will he not be able to convince his father to let him stay in the city? Give him a ticking timer! Your characters–and your readers–will be on the edge of their seats!
  4. Show the character interacting with her love interests separately. And please make them genuine. I can’t stand Katniss-Gale scenes. They just feel so darn fake it hurts.  It’s because of this I can never root for them together (beside the basic fact that Gale is just a jerk.) So if you make these scenes genuine from both sides of the love triangle. Then, you’ll really be pulling at your readers heartstrings.

In Conclusion: Don’t write a love triangle that sounds overdone. I know there is nothing new under the sun, but we can all use our unique imaginations to build off of something that’s already been done before.

Now moving on to….The REVEAL DATE FOR #DESTINY17!!!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: Me opening up on my WIP, you all know as #destiny17.  Well here below, is the official reveal date! Make sure to subscribe to my blog to stay updated on more news concerning the upcoming reveal!

August 14, 2017

There you have it! And I will see you Monday!


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