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Happy Monday!!!!!

Honestly, this is my favorite Monday of all year! I’ve waited SO LONG to finally share this with you guys! I want to fangirl with all of you, I want to know what you guys think of what I’ve been working on!

If you haven’t possibly guess by the title, today is the OFFICIAL REVEAL OF #DESTINY17!!!!!!

Yes! It’s Here! *Squeal!*

I have for you…a title, a cover,  and a backcover blurb, to share with all of you! Plus some stories! Let’s get started!

So the title of #destiny17…The real, finalized name, is…






Yay!!! *Breathes sigh of relief* It’s out there. The Title is officially called Show Me. It took SO much digging for me to finally choose a title, which is why I went with the name #destiny17.  Of course…what does Destiny do with Show Me?

A little story here: My original idea for this book, was originally called The Destiny Series. It was a very different story from what I ended up writing. It was, in fact, draft 1. But halfway through reading, I realized that we had some MAJOR changes that needed to happen for this book, because it honestly sounded like a rewrite of Eragon, and didn’t have enough juice for the whole series. I needed my own ideas. And a new genre.

So I went from a YA epic fantasy, to a YA Supernatural fantasy, and I’m super satisfied with how it turned out.

Thoughts on the title? Does it intrigue you like it did for me when I first discovered it? Please tell me in the comments below! Also, It is a part of a 6–7 book series.

 So the blurb is coming next! I think i might be more nervous about this than the title. It’s the first insight you receive of the story, including the Main Character’s name. Here is the Official BLURB for Show Me!




Sixteen year old Kade has always been different. Unknowingly, there are magic, and dangers in the world he has never known of.  All he knows of is his tiny village and his ability to feel the emotions of others.  After he is  saved by a mysterious man from a creature known as a kaminza, Kade is thrust into a world of Soul Questers–elves who have the ability to not only feel emotions, but also hear thoughts.  Kade can do what they can, but he is not one of them.  He must train to use his powers in secret.  If he is discovered by the elven government, he could be killed. That is, if his powers don’t kill him first. And that isn’t the only problem.  Kade’s adopted father, Axel, has apparently hidden more than Soul Questers from Kade, and now those secrets could also be dangerous enough to get Kade killed.  If he’s going to survive, Kade himself might have to learn to keep a few secrets, and they’re not just about him…



What do you think??


Leave them in the comments below!

And now….


Shout out to Kat @ for designing this beauty! I love love love it, and it I honestly think it reflects the book so well!

So in















A beauty, ain’t she?

Now before I close out my reveal, I just want to give you a heads up:

If you are NOT subscribed to my email list, you will NOT get access into y new page: Chap One of Show Me.

Subscribers from now on will get a Password to unlock this exclusive content! I’ll leave it at that, and the form will be left below.

Thanks for reading!

Thoughts on the book? What was your first initial reaction of Show Me? Please leave them in the comments down below, and I will see you all next Monday!

In HIS Joy,

Gabriella Slade.

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    It’s all sounds interesting, and the title definitely caught my curiousity!

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