My Experience Writing a Sequel

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I must start by giving a large apology for skipping out on blogging these last few weeks. Things have been hectic with NaNo, as well as my personal life. And to top it all off, I’m recovering from getting sick this weekend. So, I hope you’ll understand my absence.

So now that’s done and over with, I want to dive head first into today’s topic: My Experience writing a sequel.

Since it’s NanoWrimo (or National Novel Writing Month), I’ve been trying to put 50K into Book 2 of The Dragon Artifacts’ Series (Title To Be Revealed.) This is the first time I’ve really stuck to a series after abandoning two seperate ones, so  I’m actually writing a sequel now. The experience has been quite different to be honest, picking up the same story lines and the same characters and deepening their journeys.

So this post isn’t going to have lists or helpful tips for you and your sequels. I might do that later on, when I work on editing the book. For now, I’m just going to ramble on a little bit, and pour out what my experiences have been.

To get started, I had no idea where to start this book off. Sure I had an outline written, giving me ideas for what to write in the book, but I still needed an opening line. (And if you didn’t know, I suck at opening chapters. They are always rewritten once or twice before I’m done. Starting a book is so difficult for me, and I don’t know why.) I would write something, and then delete it and start again. And again. But this wasn’t getting me anywhere.

So after writing the most crappy first line ever, I continued on. It felt weird writing with all the mistakes after editing for so long, and just getting all the ideas out without structure. But it also felt good. I needed this. I needed to just listen to my characters live, while recording their experiences on paper.

It took me two whole chapters to finally feel comfortable in the world I created for Show Me. I didn’t worry about all the mistakes I was making. (Turning off spell and grammar check will really help with that!)

One of the things I had to make sure, was that I wasn’t writing the same story over again. Kade and his friends needed a new adventure, while still continuing their story lines from the first book.

Without spoiling things, I’m just going to say, that throughout the beginning of the second book, Kade is dealing with losing someone close to him, and it’s been honestly very emotional for me, because I myself loved this particular character, and hated to have to see Kade deal with the loss.

I love being back with these characters though, and I’m so glad to have finally stopped procastinating and gotten to writing this sequel. I hope it turns out as good (if not better) than what I hope Book One will turn out to be, once I finish ALL of its nonstop edits.

That’s all for today. Have you enjoyed my quite short ramble on writing my first sequel? I hope later on to do a post on writing sequels, after I myself learn a thing or two about it. Linked below are some helpful blog posts if you are seeking tips now. 

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