Show Me’s Drafts 1–4

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I am doing AWFUL with keeping up a schedule, I know. But I’m here–on a Tuesday of all days, to talk a bit on how I’ve been editing my debut, Show Me.

I wrote draft 1 of Show Me in April of 2016, after writing two versions of the book and ditching them completely. (Mostly because they sounded like rewrites of Eragon by Christopher Paolini.)

Over the course of 6 months, Show Me has gone through a lot. It’s been through 4.5 drafts, and has been read by betas, who’ve given me helpful tips to make the book even better! As I’ve written and edited, I’ve worked on building an audience of readers who are as excited to read my book as I am to finish it.

But what exactly has been going on in this editing process of mine? Exactly what procedure has Show Me been through. Today, I will tell you what each draft of my book has been focused on. It’s going to go up to draft 4, because that’s where I am now. In the future, I may go back and add whatever drafts I do following this post.

Let’s do this!

Draft One: Draft One is pretty Obvious. This was where it all started. Using a simple outline, I wrote Show Me, throwing out all the ideas for scenes into one messy document. The finished draft was only about 45K words. The main character had a different name, and the story goal was not what it ended up being in the current draft. This draft lacked plot on a major level, and was all over the place. It will NEVER reach the eyes of the public.

Draft Two: This draft was mainly for adding scenes and lengthening the word count. I developed the plot, and changed my MC’s name. Although it’s not as bad as draft one, it still has had no grammar checks, and the plot was still pretty messy and needed more clarification.

Draft Three: I fully fleshed out the plot in this book, finalizing story goals, and removed scenes that were not relevant to the plot. This was the draft that took me the least amount of time.

Draft 3.5: Because draft 3 had so little changes, I made a half draft. I went through and tried to polish the book enough for reading. I did some line edits here, and added a few more scenes, before I shipped an E-copy to my beta readers.

Draft 4: My current draft. In Draft 4, I am incorperating any beta feedback I found helpful, and now, I have been reading through the book line by line and highlighting sentences I find weak or lacking structure. This draft is mainly focused on my description and my dialouge tags, because I learned with both of these weak, it really weighs the story down. I haven’t had to do any major plot surgery in this draft, because according to betas, my pacing has been excellent. (Thank goodness. I thought that needed mending.)

Well, there are some descriptions of my drafts up to #4. I hope you enjoyed this post, although it was yet again, late. If you haven’t please subscribe to my feed to receive two exclusive newsletters a month in your inbox, and follow me on all my social media.

See you next week!

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