December 2017 Goals

Happy Monday!

It’s already December. Can you believe it? 2017 is already ending. So much has happened this year, yet it still flew. So of course, here are my November goals recap and my December ones. The last of this years posts. *Cries.*

November Goals Recap

  • NaNoWriMo 2017! (Write 50K in my WIP) Yay! My WIP has 50K written in it! But I’m setting it aside for now so I can go back to editing.
  • Blog 4 Mondays in November: I did better this month, but still missed a goal. But that’s because of NaNo, and the fact that I got sick a couple weeks ago.
  • Read Unblemished (Sara Ella) and Dragon Lyric (Bethany Jennings.) Still reading Unblemished, but I did finish Dragon Lyric, and absolutely loved it!
  • Post on Facebook and Instagram periodically. I could be doing better, but Instagram seems to be doing pretty good at the moment.
  • Complete the #characterboss Challenge. I did this on Instagram EVERY DAY in November. I’m so happy, especially since I was able to encourage other writers participate. I LOVED reading everyone’s responses to the question prompts.

I’m pretty satisfied with November. It was a pretty productive month. Let me know in the comments how your November went. Now, on to December!

December Goals

  • Set 2018 Goals
  • Edit 5 chapters of Show Me a Week.
  • Make a schedule for my blog and Facebook for the coming months
  • Stop stressing, especially since the holidays are upon us
  • Write 10K in my WIP
  • Get to 50 likes/follows on FB and Instagram

Those are my writing goals for the end of 2017. I hope you enjoyed today’s short post. Now I’m going to get back to editing, because I know you guys are eager to get your hands on my book, and it will only get done if I work on it!

See you next Monday!

In HIS Joy,

Gabriella Slade


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