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This is going up a bit late, but I’ve got author Erin Forbes with me today, and we’re going to chat about her and her writing life! Erin Forbes is the teen author of the Fire and Ice Series. The latest installment to the series, Fire and Ice: The Lost Dreamer, just released a couple of weeks ago. Let’s bring on in Miss Forbes now!

Welcome to my Blog, Erin! It’s so great to have you here. To start this off, why don’t you tell us about yourself?
Thank you so much for having me as a featured teen author on your blog! My name is Erin
Forbes, and I’m eighteen years old. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the teen author
of the Fire & Ice book series. My first book, Fire & Ice: The Elementals, was published when I
was sixteen years old. My second book, Fire & Ice: The Lost Dreamer, was released on
November 25th. When my time is not occupied by writing and reading, it is spent in the world
of horses, artwork, and Irish dance. I live on a small farm in upstate New York, and I believe
nature fuels the imagination. I enjoy old-fashioned things, historical fiction films, and
speaking to my brother in Irish Gaelic.
How long have you been writing for? Did you always know you would be an author?
I always like to say that I’ve been writing books since the age of five; after all, I created my
first story when I was in kindergarten. Although it was merely a flipbook of doodles on
construction paper, my older sister helped me write down all the words in my head. I didn’t
always know I was destined to be an author. When I was younger, my love for animals and
nature was the force that drove my aspirations as a future veterinarian, marine biologist,
Olympic show jumper, etc. I didn’t realize the full extent of my passion for literature until the
age of twelve. After years of writing intricate short stories, my journal felt like it was missing
something. The original plot of Fire & Ice: The Elementals appeared in my imagination, and I
felt that it was my duty to write the story. Much of this stemmed from the fact that the teen
section of the library was suffering from a flood of dark and depressing stories. I really
wanted to create the kind of book that I wanted to read—something inspirational and
How have you grown your reading audience to what it is today?
As a self-published author, it is crucial to find your voice in the world of marketing. Although
many of my dedicated readers have stemmed from interviews such as this one, my audience
has grown so much from the use of social media. I love to blog about my experience as a
teen author, post photos of my adventures, and film videos for the Fire & Ice book series
YouTube channel.

What lessons would you tell your past self about publishing Fire and Ice: The Elementals?
This is a difficult question. I don’t really like to dwell on the idea of changing the past.
Although an author learns so much from their first publication, almost every one of them will
tell you that their first book is a precious gem. There are many things that I have learned
from the experience. As a teenager, my writing style is always developing. Even so, my books
have been a great success, and I’m so proud of everything I’ve written.
What do you find to be the hardest part about the whole writing/publishing process?
Writing is easy. Editing is difficult. I’m very lucky not to encounter writer’s block on a daily
basis, but it always seems to arrive when I’m frustrated with a particular scene. There are
times when you just need to close your laptop and try again later.
What are some books that inspired your books?
The majority of my writing inspiration stems from my own life and experiences. Although
books have the power to inspire, it is important to find your own voice and unique story.
There aren’t any particular books that have inspired my series; rather, various authors have
inspired me with their use of words and imagination. C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll, and L.M.
Montgomery are just a few of my favorites.
Now I always love to do something fun in my interviews, so we’re going to act some
questions themed towards Fire and Ice!
Yay! I’m ready!
If you had an element like the characters within your series, what power do you see
yourself having?
Yes! I love this question! When you are writing a book series about teenagers with magical
power, you have enough time to think about this question. In the realm of Aisling, every
person has been Gifted with a unique magical power. Personally, I have always wanted to fly
or communicate with animals. Kade O’Reilly is one of the most popular characters in my
book series, and this is due to her extraordinary Gift of flight. Let’s be honest—everyone
wants to have a pair of wings! If I had an elemental power, it would have to be the Gift of
Which of your characters would you want as your best friend?
If I had to pick a best friend from my cast of characters, it would always be Juniper Stone.
Was any of your characters in the Fire and Ice books based on your own personality?

Believe it or not, this has been a very common question in my previous interviews. People
always want to know if the Fire & Ice book series characters are inspired by real individuals.
Truthfully, yes! Several of the Gifted people are inspired by traits and personalities that I
have discovered in real people. Even so, their identities will never be revealed. Why? Well,
the characters are creations of my imagination—although they share the features of several
living people, they are entirely separate individuals. The character often speaks or acts in a
different way than the person who inspired their creation.
Several pieces of my personality have been implanted into the characters of the Four
Elementals. Although they are not like me entirely, a part of my soul has been crafted into
their words, appearances, expressions, thoughts, and actions. After all, writing is a form of
How many books to you plan to have in the Fire and Ice Series? Will you continue to
expand in the universe in the future with prequel/sequel series?
The Fire & Ice Book Series will probably have a total of four books, although I haven’t quite
settled on the idea. Perhaps it will be longer. My imagination will be my guide. When the Fire
& Ice book series is complete, I will certainly continue to write about the realm of Aisling in
another series.
If Alice could try any fast food restaurant here, which one do you think she would like best,
if any?
This is a very funny question, especially since my family is vegetarian and we don’t eat much
fast food. If we can consider Starbucks a fast food restaurant, I’m sure it would be Alice’s
favorite. Like me, she has a serious tea addiction.
Well thank you soo much Erin for hanging out with me and answering all my crazy
You can find out more about the Fire & Ice Book Series on www.fireandicebookseries.com.
All of my books are available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and you can
special order them at your local bookstore.


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