10 Signs You’re a True Fangirl

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Today we’re going to list 10 signs you’re a true fangirl. (Or fanboy. They’re pretty interchangeable.) I thought this would be fun, because I’m personally a fangirl and I thought it would be fun to do a post like this. And no, you do not have to have all ten of these to consider yourself a fangirl. I know I’m just going to have to throw that out there.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

10 Signs You’re a True Fangirl

  1. You Read. A lot. I feel like this one is pretty obvious. Duh, you read a lot. That’s the reason you’re a fangirl. (Unless you fangirl over movies, which in that case, I am not talking about being a fangirl for movies, but for books.)
  2. You Collect Books. Some of my favorite books I read over Kindle Unlimited. If I love the book, I buy it in paperback! Maybe you not only collect physical copies of your favorite books, but the special editions too. I haven’t done that yet, but that’s only because I don’t have the money at the moment, or the bookshelf space.
  3. You talk about books a lot. I’m talking about the books I’m reading a LOT. I ramble to my sister all the time about books.
  4. You write Fanfiction.  I myself do not do this myself. Mostly because I don’t have time since I’m usually writing my own books. But I would like to start reading fanfiction in the future because I’ve heard they’re a lot of fun.
  5. You Collect Bookish Merch. The possibilities are honestly endless. Go to Amazon. You’ll find coffee mugs, clothing items, funko pops, posters, jewelry.  It helps showcase the books you love!
  6. You Ship Characters, even if they aren’t from the same books. Come on. We all do it. We love fictional relationships, and we’re always shipping them with other people, even if the characters are from two different books. I know I’m guilty of that one.
  7. You Watch the Book-to-movie adaptations. I do, and I’m always talking about the differences between the book and movie.
  8. You Reread your favorite books over and over again. I’m looking at you, Hunger Games.
  9. You Watch BookTube Videos. JesseThe Reader. Emmmabooks. ADashOfAsh. These are some of my favorites. I get some great book recommendations from these vids.
  10.  You Name Your Stuffed Animals after your favorite Fictional Characters. I’ve defienetly done this. I’ve Got Tristian, Fred, Rain and Kess. And I love all of them.

So there you have it! 10 Signs You’re a True Fangirl! I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! If you haven’t, be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletters and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest if you aren’t already. I hope to see you guys next week!

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