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Welcome, Friend!

I’m so glad you stumbled onto my little corner on the internet.  Of course, you’re probably wondering who I am, and what I do.  Well, I’ll answer a few questions, such as those. as well as any you might have about who I am and what this site is for.

Who am I?

I am Gabriella J. Slade, a Teen YA Fantasy writer and blogger.  I am the eldest of seven.  I spend my days doing school, dancing and helping my local community when I’m not writing for you guys.   I love reading books such as Eragon, The Hunger Games, and pretty much anything by Tricia Goyer. I’ve never read Twilight, Harry Potter, or anything by John Green, but still love fantasy, romance and series.  I strive to create content that my readers will read.  Feel free to share blog post suggestions in the comments of any blog post.

What kind of things do I write on my blog?

I write mainly on, well, writing.  Since I write pretty much all fiction, aside from these blog posts, I typically  write about what I’ve learned.  I’ll also write about resources I find useful, book reviews, and updates about my books. Here are my categories:

  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Plot
  • Series
  • Resources
  • Book Reviews
  • #destiny17

Sometimes I write things that don’t fit  into these categories, but these are the primary ones.

What are my most popular blog posts?

Here are my top 5 most Popular blog posts:

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What is #destiny17?

I’m glad you asked.  #destiny17 is my debut novel.  I’ve been working on it since September 2015, changing it, writing it, rewriting it.  It’s hard to believe I have spent almost two years outlining and planning it, and just started writing a first draft in March 2017 (hence the 17 in #destiny17) As for the Destiny?  I’m going to have an offical Book Reveal this fall (2017) so there will be further details concerning that in the months, so stay tuned.  (Another perk for subscribing! 😉 )

Have any other questions? Feel free to Contact me!  Or ask in the comments of any blog post.  I’ll answer almost any question you have. 🙂 

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