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 Ginger Bristol, the daughter of a famous warrior, is now on a mission that will change her life. Jethomia, a ring of skill was in her home, and it could destroy Ginger’s home world of Empronia. With no choice, Ginger follow’s Empronia’s dashing prince, into a adventure of a lifetime!

BookCoverPreview1After escaping near death, an inexperienced boy with the rare power to control time answers the call to save his homeland from a yellow eyed Mad-man who craves revenge. Meet Amentia, a young man who will go through a lot in a short amount of Time when he meets Amera, the beautiful red haired elf and realizes what has happened to the world. It is full of Darkness. Only Amentia can save it and bring it back to the light. But to do this, he’s going to need help. Join Amentia in the first of a series as he travels across Kalon to save the lives of loved ones!