The Twilight Terror



About The Book


After escaping near death, an inexperienced boy with the rare power to control time answers the call to save his homeland from a yellow eyed Mad-man who craves revenge.  Meet Amentia, a young man who will go through a lot in a short amount of Time when he meets Amera, the beautiful red haired elf and realizes what has happened to the world.  The Twilight Terror is a young adult novel sure to make you sit on the edge of your seat. Coming out in 2016, soon you too will have the chance to follow one of many of Amentia and Amera’s adventures.  Be sure to look out for Other news concerning The Twilight Terror! 

About the Authors

Gabriella Slade, author of Jethomia, has been coming up with stories ever since she could read. Her oldest stories tell of true love and princesses lost in the forest and being rescued by handsome princes.  Now a teen, Gabriella aims in learning what it means to be a godly princess, and to have a pure heart.  She loves reading Dragonspell, Redwall and The Secret of Blackneck. 


Born in Ghana, Africa, Margaret was a born reader and was at the top of her classes.  When she was adopted in 2014 and brought with her sister to America, Margaret dove into reading and is now has advanced in her English Vocabulary . In April, 2015, she joined up with Gabriella to write The Twilight Terror. Now Margaret has discovered her love for writing and has now started her own stories.  At home, you will find Margaret drawing or cuddled on the couch or in her bed reading the Bible or a Betsy-Tacy book.