Shares 0Happy New Year!  Welcome Back to my Blog.  I apologize for my prolonged absence, as NaNoWriMo and the holidays swept me up and I all of a sudden found no free time to write. But Now I’m back, and better than ever because it’s time for my Annual Goals […]

2017 Goals

Shares 0Welcome back to My Blog Series, How To Create a Fictional Universe your Readers will Love.  If you are not familiar to this Series, here is the Premise: There are plenty of Fictional Universes that come to mind when I write this. Eragon. Lord of The Rings.  Star Wars. These […]

How To Create a Fictional Universe your Readers will Love ...

Shares 0There are plenty of Fictional Universes that come to mind when I write this. Eragon. Lord of The Rings.  Star Wars. These are stories told within a place that people adore.  And I mean ADORE.  They will go nuts over them. They draw fanart, write fanfiction, decorate rooms based […]

How To Create a Fictional Universe Your Readers will Love ...

Shares 0Yesterday I attended my first youth group meeting and listened to a message that caught my attention immediately. It was about trusting God in the face of trials and tests. I want to share with you guys what I learned from it. Job in the Bible was a great […]

Trusting God in The Face of Trials

Shares 0Today we’re going to do something new: A Book Review!!! Planted with Hope is the newest addition to the Pinecraft Pie Shop Series by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore.  We return to the lovable town of Pinecraft and all of the Miller daughters, which we met in the first […]

Planted With Hope: A Book Review

Shares 0Hello! Welcome Back! Today we are going to talk about keeping readers awake during the course of your novel. Whenever I read in bed, I have discovered that it’s best to read nonfiction, because I do want to get some sleep when I’m done.  Fiction authors have to be able to […]

How to Keep Writers from Falling Asleep

Shares 0So this is a bad start to my Book Club!!! I forgot to do the Post On Monday! So Let’s Get Started! CHAPTER 1: Amentia So This Is the first time we lay eyes on  Amentia’s name.  We learn of Amentia’s position and a little of his past.  We […]

The Twilight Terror Book Club: Week 1

Shares 0The question many writers have:  Should A series book have a Prologue? Now THAT is a question up for debate.  I asked both writers AND readers their Opinions, and here are some of their answers: Annie S.–I think that it depends on the type of series, the point of view […]

Debate: Should a Series Have a Prologue?

Shares 0Hooray! I am going to start fashion designing!  I have loved sewing doll clothes for a couple of years, until my friend suggested doing it more.  SO now I am going share my designs with some very special people: YOU. My dear friend, is Molly Sam Slade, My AG […]

Meet: My Models

Shares 0The day has FINALLY Come!  The Twilight Terror is released TODAY!!! Do be sure to drop by Amazon to pick up a copy.  For those of you who are new here, The Twilight Terror is a fantasy book about a boy who can control time.  I wrote the novel […]

It’s Release Day For The Twilight Terror!