Shares 0Hello Friends! Today, I am going to share my tips for using one of my favorite programs of all time–Evernote!! (Excited Squeal) For those of you who don’t know what Evernote is, you can read all about it here.  So I’m going to dive right into this post, and […]

Tips for Making the Most out of Evernote (For Fiction ...

Shares 0Greetings! Today we are going to dive into looking at my favorite websites.  This does not include personal blogs or diaries, but websites created specifically for writers who like learning good techniques and such.  If you have heard of any of these, or have any other personal recommendations, feel […]

My Favorite Writing Websites

Shares 0Hi Everyone!  Today I would like to intoduce A very special guest on my blog–Stephanie Morrill, Founder of Go Teen Writers!  Today is the very exciting release of her Newest book, The Lost Girl of Astor Street, and I am part of the really fun clue hunt. Head over […]

An Exclusive Interview with Stephanie Morrill!

Shares 0Hey Friends! Today I’m Talking about How I Outline my Novels! And today, if you stay to the end, I’m hosting an awesome giveaway! How I Outline My Novels Brainstorm Summarize Meet your Characters Discover Plots Break Down Let’s Break Those Down Brainstorm This May very well be my […]

How YOU Can Outline A Novel

Shares 0Since I didn’t recive much feedback on whether or not I should talk about #Destiny17 or Writing on Mondays, I decided to go with #Destiny17.  For those of you who don’t know, #Destiny17 is my top secret passion project. September of this year will make it 2 years since […]

#Destiny17 Clue One!!!!!

Shares 0Happy New Year!  Welcome Back to my Blog.  I apologize for my prolonged absence, as NaNoWriMo and the holidays swept me up and I all of a sudden found no free time to write. But Now I’m back, and better than ever because it’s time for my Annual Goals […]

2017 Goals

Shares 0Welcome back to My Blog Series, How To Create a Fictional Universe your Readers will Love.  If you are not familiar to this Series, here is the Premise: There are plenty of Fictional Universes that come to mind when I write this. Eragon. Lord of The Rings.  Star Wars. These […]

How To Create a Fictional Universe your Readers will Love ...

Shares 0There are plenty of Fictional Universes that come to mind when I write this. Eragon. Lord of The Rings.  Star Wars. These are stories told within a place that people adore.  And I mean ADORE.  They will go nuts over them. They draw fanart, write fanfiction, decorate rooms based […]

How To Create a Fictional Universe Your Readers will Love ...

Shares 0Yesterday I attended my first youth group meeting and listened to a message that caught my attention immediately. It was about trusting God in the face of trials and tests. I want to share with you guys what I learned from it. Job in the Bible was a great […]

Trusting God in The Face of Trials

Shares 0Today we’re going to do something new: A Book Review!!! Planted with Hope is the newest addition to the Pinecraft Pie Shop Series by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore.  We return to the lovable town of Pinecraft and all of the Miller daughters, which we met in the first […]

Planted With Hope: A Book Review