Shares 0Happy Monday guys! I’m So So excited about today’s post! Why? Well It’s because today I am hosting a guest on my blog! It’s the amazing Sara Baysinger, author of The Black Tiger Trilogy and her newly released novel, The Vanishing Spark of Dusk. I’m going to be asking her […]

An Interview With Sara Baysinger

Shares 0Happy Monday! Today, we’re going to be looking at 10 fun facts about the story world where Show Me is set. If you didn’t know, my story is about Soul Questers, who are a group of elves who have a type of telepathy that runs through their blood. So […]

10 Random Facts About The Soul Quester Universe

Shares 0Happy Monday! For today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you 5 self published books I read and I think you should too. Many of these are a part of a series, so they will marked as so. Lately I’ve been reading so many books by self published authors, and […]

5 Great Self Published Books You Should Read

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Shares 0Happy Monday! I can’t believe I have the honor to even get to post this! If you’re on AuthorTube or BookTube, you probably will have heard of Kristen Martin and her Bestselling Alpha Drive Trilogy. If not, you will get to learn a little bit about her today, because […]

Featured Book Of The Month: An Interview With Kristen Martin!

Shares 0Happy Monday!!!!! Honestly, this is my favorite Monday of all year! I’ve waited SO LONG to finally share this with you guys! I want to fangirl with all of you, I want to know what you guys think of what I’ve been working on! If you haven’t possibly guess […]

The Official Reveal of #destiny17!

Shares 0Happy Monday! Last Saturday, I (finally!) gave you an Official Reveal date for #destiny17! This will include the final title, cover and back cover blurb for the book, as well as an official book trailer. Although I will be sharing everything on my blog that day, much of the […]

5 Budding Authors I Highly Recommend